Monday, January 16, 2017

Mr. Merrell's Blizzard Bag #2
Winter of 2018

Purpose: To experiment with virtual  projectiles, form a hypothesis and design your own experiment
Introduction:  On the University of Colorado website you will gain  access to the following items: a tank shell, a golf ball, a baseball, a bowling ball, a football, a pumpkin, an adult human, a piano and a Buick. You will be able to LAUNCH them. This could be fun! It's your turn to design an original laboratory activity to test a specific hypothesis.  See what things you can change (independent variable).  See what changes when you change your independent variable (your dependent variable).  Pick just one IV and one DV.  Keep track of the numbers.  Graph the DV on the vertical axis and the IV on the horizontal axis.  Look for a relationship.

Materials: Projectiles simulation, University of Colorado 


  1. Go to the Projectiles simulation, University of Colorado and try out some launches.
  2.  Select a purpose for your lab or formulate your own testable hypothesis.
  3. Design your experiment based on the purpose or hypothesis you have formulated. It is important that you limit your experiment to only two variables that can be easily measured and compared, all other variables should be kept constant.  For example, you can choose to vary the angle and measure the range (horizontal distance traveled).
  4. Be sure to include the following sections in your design: Title, Purpose or Hypothesis, Introduction, Materials, Procedure, Data Table, Graph, Questions, and Conclusion.

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